DLR Group selected as a provider of Monitoring-Based Commissioning Services by ComEd

DLR Group has been approved as a ComEd Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx) Service Provider. The ComEd MBCx program is available to qualifying customers within the ComEd service area. The goal of the program is to help customers identify and implement opportunities that have a simple payback of 18 months or less to improve the efficiency of major energy-using systems and reduce energy costs without adversely affecting facility or system operations.

MBCx performed by DLR Group empowers facility managers, building operators and consulting engineers to optimize building performance. This approach to the commissioning process leverages powerful software platforms to enhance the collection and analytics of building systems data. MBCx gives DLR Group Commissioning Engineers access to vast amounts of data and dramatically increased visibility into the operations and interactions between energy intensive building systems. In comparison to a traditional retro-commissioning process, MBCx enables the analysts to pinpoint opportunities for optimization that would otherwise not be practical or cost effective.

“Today clients have an abundance of data already streaming from a variety of sources in their facility, from basic benchmarking and monthly utility tracking tools to detailed Building Automation System trending. The key to success is turning this harvested data into actionable intelligence,” said DLR Group Energy Services Leader Ruairi Barnwell, HBDP, LEED AP BD+C. “Monitoring-Based Commissioning is the first process to truly turn building systems data into a roadmap for energy reduction, operational efficiency and increased occupant comfort”.

There is a revolution in how data is collected and analyzed today, and a whole new level of building systems optimization opportunities that were not previously practical or financially feasible. Monitor-Based Commissioning allows DLR Group Commissioning Engineers to use time more efficiently, giving clients the maximum impact of engaging a building systems expert.