DLR Group receives AIA Academy of Justice Design Award

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Academy of Architecture for Justice (AAJ) honored eight projects with the annual Justice Facilities Review (JFR) awards program at their recent annual conference. Among those selected was the Dennis Maes Pueblo Justicial Center, in Pueblo, Col. designed by DLR Group.

“The design of the Judicial Center proceeded along two aims. First, to create architecture that celebrates the idea of being a citizen of Pueblo County, and ties the building not only to its place in time but to the layers of history and culture unique to Pueblo. Second, to recognize in the architectural expression the dignity and honor appropriate to a courthouse, allowing the function of the building to speak on its own,” said DLR Group’s court designer and Principal Todd Orr, AIA.

The jury panel stated, “The use of metaphor and the overall facility planning captured the jury’s attention. The kiva/rotunda was clearly the aspect of the project that stood out in both idea and execution—it is the true heart of this project.”

The JFR Program offers examples of a broad range of design strategies and depicts the latest trends in the design and construction of justice facilities in the United States, including the implementation of sustainable justice principles. These projects demonstrate quality of form, functionality, and current architectural responses to complex justice design issues.