DLR Group Competing to Present at SXSW EDU

DLR Group has submitted four potential panel topics for South by Southwest Education, March 5-8 in Austin, Texas. The SXSW EDU® Conference & Festival cultivates and empowers a community of engaged stakeholders to advance teaching and learning. The annual four-day event affords registrants open access to engaging sessions, immersive workshops, interactive learning experiences, film screenings, early-stage startups, business opportunities and networking.

SXSW EDU uses a PanelPicker community voting system, which accounts for 30 percent of the total score. You can help by voting for our sessions August 7-25. You must sign up or log in to vote for your preferred sessions. Vote by clicking on the session title below, select “vote up” and share comments about why you find this topic interesting.

DLR Group proposed sessions include:

Innovative Learning Environments & Teacher Change
Many schools are trading an identical classroom model for activity-driven spaces and mobile furniture. However, changing space is easier than changing practice. The Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change (ILETC) project out of Melbourne, Australia is using research-driven games and activities to help teachers think differently about space, pedagogy, and making the shift. Join us to experience these activities, reflect on your own practice, and explore the ongoing research findings.

Taking the Plunge: Scientific Research to Practice
Education clientele are demanding more proof before they engage in innovative learning designs. Research expectations are not simple, but rigorously scientific. Why should A/E firms incorporate research into practice? What are the perceived benefits? How might the knowledge generated inform design solutions – maybe actually making a measurable difference? Discover how this A/E firm’s K12 Education Practice invested in scientific research inquiry, generated a strategy, and implemented it.

Blurring the Lines: a Systemic Evolution of Education
This session explores how the future will “blur lines” between secondary and post-secondary academia to develop educational plans specifically tailored to personal needs under the direction of an academic guide. By 2032 we envision communities will encompass a system of nodes of learning; in our homes, adjacent to parks, in office buildings, sports venues, and campuses in different forms. At their smallest scale, they are personal devices and at the largest scale are physical spaces.

Learning Space Genius Bar
We want to create a genius bar for teachers and school leaders interested in redesigning their school space. Akin to Apple, educators are free to drop into an informal workshop, bringing real spatial issues or learning questions to a group of diverse people who have some expertise in learning space design. Ideally, this summit will coincide with Learn by Design - offering a walk-in, hands-on alternative to the seated presentations and capturing the audience interested in learning spaces.

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