Jeffrey Fenimore
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  • 22 June 2016

    Jim Blades

    I remembered the robust conversation at the Summit on the topic. Enjoyed it thoroughly. I agree wholeheartedly and know that in the U.S. Acquisition/Procurement arena, as part of both Department of Defense and the civilian federal workforce(s) there are two government sponsored entities that exist (Defense Acquisition University and the Federal Acquisition Institute) that work hard independently, and in recent partnership with Universities across the U.S., to ensure that when it comes to instilling the right knowledge and skills for the profession, that the fundamental technical skills are covered comprehensively. Recently, in the last few years, more focus is being put on ensuring the "soft skills" you mention in your article are also injected in the priorities and programs of each entity, as it relates to the business of federal Acquisition/Procurement in the U.S. The Acquisition Workforce is roughly 200,000 strong and key to how the U.S. Government interacts with industry on many fronts in fulfilling the U.S. federal government procurement needs in support of the military and civilian missions.

  • 25 June 2016

    jeffrey fenimore

    Jim, Thanks for the comments. I believe that the 'soft skills' topic bridges all industry markets and aligns with the younger population entering into the market as they are more interested in the relationship experience then the company experience. However, I see that much of the success comes from the students that are already prone to this type of skill set. The discussion needs to move to the students on the fringe to broaden the workforce market capabilities. I am working with Corporate Council of Africa to develop a platform to engage the continent of Africa on this topic. I will keep you informed.