Jim French
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  • 29 October 2015

    Paul Schiffman

    Jim and his group do know innovation in education for a project we completed almost nine years ago is still robust today in serving the students. Great concept in this video.

  • 6 November 2015

    Terry Thetford

    Having been a facilities manager with Forest Grove SD for the last 17 yrs (currently a Facilities Consultant) and after watching the "incubator space" video.......the concept seems to be an adaptation of the open collaborative spaces in a lot of companies now....into the HS environment and an expansion of the "pod" break-out areas used in some of our newer elementary schools... I agree that the concept is how things are likely moving.....but my question would be: how to create these additional spaces (square footage) and meet the classroom programming requirements with tightening construction budgets and raising construction costs. How do you maintain the value of the areas through the VE process? I worked with Tim Ganey on one building design just prior to his involvement with the Joplin HS and can see his touch in the building. Clean and efficient.