Christopher Gibbs
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  • 23 November 2015

    Linda Downing

    The concept of "Smaller, Safer and Saner Schools" also aligned the educational resources with a community based educational structure. I agree that these discussions need to take place nationally! A united effort focused on individual key community factors - instead of budget based, one stop shopping, temporary fix initiatives.

  • 24 November 2015

    Chris Gibbs

    Linda, thanks for your comments. The value of a great educational system to our communities cannot be underestimated. The ability for our schools to create a permeable perimeter that allows flow of community resources in and active learners out is beneficial to both the neighborhood and the students. The age old phrase "it takes a village to raise a child" may be more important than ever at this point in our history. There are numerous examples around the country of initiatives like this happening but we, as a society, need to figure out ways to make it the rule instead of the exception....our future is depending on it! Chris Gibbs