Kevin Greischar
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  • 15 October 2016

    Peter Stuerman

    I would like more information on the school projects that you have designed. We are considering a high school building within the next ten years and would like to start the process now. Would you have information you could send to our school? Thank you, Pete Stuerman Superintendent, Hinton School 712-947-4329

  • 24 October 2016

    Kevin Greischar

    Thank you for your query, Peter. A new high school is very exciting for a District and its community, there’s a lot of planning that will take intentional efforts. From the inception of funding to completion it is usually 3 years and planning is key before that. Ken Hagen, Andrew Van Leeuwen and/or Nick Hansen, who are members of our K12 team in Iowa, are right around the corner from you. They’ll be reaching out to you directly to start a conversation and provide the types of information that you’re most interested in. And I’m more than happy to join in that conversation of course. All the best! Thanks again.