Staci Patton
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  • 14 April 2016

    Christian Overbey

    I checked into two hotels this week and the Nashville hotel was much more friendly. The south really is friendlier. Neither is tech savvy. It seems like one should be able to enable quick check in, technology wise, and be greeted with "Hello, Mz. X, would you prefer your favorite coffee drink or your favorite drink (they probably should know youe peegetence) in your room or in our social area?" That's where is relational.

  • 22 April 2016

    Steve Moffett

    I agree with most of what Staci says above, but there will always be some who prefer to use the technology and get checked in as quickly and efficiently as possible. Flexibility (if budget allows) and knowing your clientele will be the key to making most of your customers happy. We know that a very high percentage of guest satisfaction comes when they walk through the door and get checked in. So think very carefully about the entry sequence and make sure your entire design team (design architect and flag design team) understands and is sensitive to your locale and customers. From my experience, the DLR hospitality team knows this very well!