Lindsey Piant Perez
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  • 3 August 2014

    Dennis Bane

    How does the 2030 Challenge fit into the picture?

  • 6 August 2014

    Lindsey Piant Perez

    Great question, Dennis! The 2030 Challenge is more of a single attribute challenge issued out to the A.E.C. community by Ed Mazria and Architecture 2030. It's an aggressive approach to obtaining net-zero energy design and construction for the global building community. The 2030 Challenge is not a sustainable, third-party certification program which addresses multiple attributes, such as LEED, Green Globes or The Living Building Challenge. Although, The Living Building Challenge already pushes net-zero energy to obtain certification. There is no certification fees associated with The 2030 Challenge, project team need to simply push themselves to reach these goals and report their modeled and actual energy data. If an Owner still wants to obtain a sustainable certification, since it addresses multiple sustainable criteria, then they could make The 2030 Challenge and the sustainable certification program of their choice the goal for the project.