DLR Group is partnering with the University of Melbourne, Australia, and Steelcase to host the inaugural Transitions North America Research Symposium in Grand Rapids, Mich., Sept. 14. This one-day event will consider the move from traditional classrooms to what are being called innovative learning environments (ILEs) – a diversity of highly flexible spaces, purpose-built furniture, and ubiquitous technology.

The following questions will be explored:
• How well are teachers making this transition?
• Are these spaces facilitating any improvement in teaching practices?
• What evidence exists that these spaces are improving student experiences and learning?
• What is needed to help teachers better utilize space as one of their pedagogic tools?

Pam Loeffelman will set the scene for attendees leading into the first keynote speaker. Taryn Kinney will present research findings from her graduate study at Columbia University. She will discuss aligning vision with actual use of innovative learning environments, explored through the lens of organizational change. Raechel French will provide an update from her experience as a Fulbright Scholar at The University of Melbourne in Australia. She will present case studies of successful school change and the transition from traditional to innovative learning environments.

Transitions North America is the third of a series of this event being held in Australasia (June 2017), Europe (London, Sept 2017). Transitions brings into a one-day discussion and presentation format the cutting edge higher-degree research being conducted in learning environments from each continent.

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