Join DLR Group at the FEFPA Winter Conference to get the latest on planning sustainably, designing safe schools, and adapting community spaces for learning opportunities.

L: DLR Group Principal Roger Chang, PE, LEED Fellow. C: DLR Group Principal Lindsey Piant Perez, AIA, LEED AP. R: DLR Group Principal Premnath Sundharam, AIA, LEED AP.

  • WhoRoger Chang, principal, DLR Group; Lindsey Piant Perez, principal, DLR Group; Premnath Sundharam, principal, DLR Group.
  • What: Gaming for a Resilient Future: Net-Zero Energy Campus.
    Institutions are required to holistically plan for overall resiliency, net-zero energy, payback, and best management practices. In this workshop, attendees will build a toolkit to help them identify the challenges and limitations of achieving net-zero energy at a building scale; educate stakeholders on scaling net-zero concepts to the campus level; implement key steps involved in planning for a net-zero campus; and apply effective strategies that overcome the practical challenges of scaling net-zero concepts. 
  • Where: FEFPA Winter 2019 Conference. Hammock Beach Resort, Palm Coast, FL.
    Clipper-Surf Ballroom.
  • When: Thursday, January 31 from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM

DLR Group Principal Chris Gibbs, AIA.

  • Who: Chris Gibbs, principal, DLR Group.
  • What: Safe and Secure Schools
    Creating a safe and secure learning environment takes more than cameras and a double entry vestibule. The psychology of space design in schools can directly impact the ever-important, often missing, feeling of being safe by building occupants. In addition, it is important for school systems to complete a thorough risk assessment preceding the development of a thorough Crisis Management Plan. As community assets, the creation of safe school environments is the responsibility of the entire neighborhood while providing immeasurable benefits to the entire community.
  • Where: FEFPA Winter 2019 Conference, Hammock Beach Resort, Palm Coast, FL. 
    Harbor-Galleon Room.
  • When: Thursday, January 31 from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM

L: DLR Group Senior Principal Jim French, FAIA. R: DLR Group Senior Associate Mike Lindsey, AIA, LEED AP.

  • Who: Jim French, senior principal, DLR Group; Mike Lindsey, senior associate, DLR Group.
  • What: Flipping the Mall into 21st Learning Environments.
    Abundance and location of mall space has proven to be conducive for districts looking to:
    1. Fulfill educational needs in attendance zone absent of available property and infrastructure.
    2. Mock up 21st Century Learning Environments to support professional development efforts aimed at modernizing teaching skills and behaviors in simulated context of 21st Century learner expectations and corresponding curriculum.
    3. Create swing space to improve safety concerns when renovating facilities; provide more plausible construction schedules and corresponding fiscal efficiencies. 
    4. Allow teachers and students alike get a feel for what modernizations to their home school will look like; stretch Capital Improvement dollars by leveraging Tenant Improvement (TI) dollars offered by owners of space.
  • Where: FEFPA Winter 2019 Conference, Hammock Beach Resort, Palm Coast, FL.
    Clipper-Surf Ballroom.
  • When: Thursday, January 31 from 2:45 PM to 3:45 PM
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