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Houston, Texas

Autumn Gloetzner



  • Interiors
  • Workplace
Autumn Gloetzner

Autumn’s decade of experience as an Interior Designer has seen her solving complex concerns for Fortune 500 and enterprise level companies, leading interdisciplinary multi-year initiatives. Her work on both the design and management sides of projects allows her to bridge effective client communication and creative space planning and material / detail specifications.

An area of particular expertise for Autumn is responding to changing demographics in traditional industries. Her fresh ideas help define universally applicable “kits of parts” that allow Autumn’s clients adapt to shifting future needs through flexible design now. This definition of universals is predicated by learning: how people work is one of Autumn’s inspirations. Learning about the individual, identifying patterns, and translating that into meaningful, experiential design is the core of Autumn’s design philosophy. Over 7,000 employees benefit from working in Autumn's plans and designs.

"Everyone's time is valuable: it's my job to help the end user get the most out of their time at work - which in turn benefits our clients, their employers."