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Minneapolis, MN

Brice Aarrestad



  • Architecture
  • K-12 Schools
Brice Aarrestad

"Although I love to design, my favorite moment in a project is the early part of construction, after all of the design is done, when the structure first emerges from the ground. There’s a deep satisfaction in seeing the lines I’ve drawn on a flat page morph into a vertical form."

Brice is an integral member of the K-12 Education studio in Minneapolis. His work, which includes the award-winning Jordan Middle School, transforms monotonous educational environments into inspiring spaces for learners of all ages.

"One of my favorite projects is the renovation and addition design for Forest Lake High School in Minnesota. That project offered an opportunity to create some dynamic collaborative learning spaces in a variety of scales. The deep partnership between the school’s staff and the design team resulted in shifting teaching paradigms for the district and beautiful spaces to support new methodologies." 

Brice lived and worked in Jinja, Uganda, as a designer and construction manager for the non-profit Engineering Ministries International. From this experience, Brice became an advocate for the way design can bring dignity and change to communities around the world.