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Phoenix, AZ

Bryce Pearsall



  • Architecture
  • Chairman Emeritus
Bryce Pearsall
  • Chairman Emeritus

Bryce is Chairman Emeritus of DLR Group. He joined the firm in 1971, was named a Principal 1979, and a Managing Principal in 1985. As a Managing Principal he helped expand the firm's geographic presence and its market and project type expertise. Under his leadership, DLR Group grew to be one of the largest and most successful integrated design firms in the United States with more than $120 million in annual revenues.

Bryce's leadership in the built environment covers the broad spectrum of design, project leadership, and team and firm leadership. He has a diverse background of project type experience for public and private sector clients in the civic, criminal justice, workplace, and education markets.

Bryce received his Fellowship in the American Institute of Architects in 1998 and is an advocate for the value of design and the profession at the national level. He served as Chair of the AlA Large Firm Roundtable and serves on the Board of Regents of the American Architectural Foundation. He received a bachelor of architecture from Iowa State University, and today he serves on the Iowa State University College of Design Dean's Council and the Iowa State University Foundation Board of Regents.

"Simple rules for succeeding in the design profession:  1) Design creatively, like it matters, because it does; 2) Take care of your clients well, it pays big dividends; 3) Value your fellow professionals; they are your loyal comrades; 4) Deal honestly always with everyone, there is no other way; 5) Be creative in your ideas, persistent in effort, and take time to have fun along the way."

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