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Seattle, WA

Erica Loynd



  • Architecture
  • Courts
  • Detention
  • Senior Associate
Erica Loynd
  • Senior Associate

"From mentors early in my career, I was told you will never know everything, nor are you expected to. Every project for the entire duration of your career is a learning opportunity. The goal is to take what you have learned to the next project and work with the team to find the solutions."

Erica is an expert in the design of justice facilities, including corrections and detention centers, courts, and public safety buildings. Her design approach centers on conversation with the owner and client to fully understand their goals, needs, and the expectations of stakeholders. She understands this is especially important in public projects that frequently incur close scrutiny from community members who demand sound decision-making in how public funds are invested.

Erica is particularly passionate about sustainability. She focuses on unifying all team members to explore design options that take advantage of passive opportunities in orientation, envelope, daylighting, natural ventilation, and material choices – strategies that are the essence of sustainability, and which significantly reduce reliance on mechanical and electrical systems.

"My best ideas come when the meetings are the most informal and paper has been thrown around the room. Digging through the pile to bring the ideas together, they really come alive and the clarity of the design comes through."

Erica's recent experience includes collaborating with the South Correctional Entity (SCORE) to create a jail that takes a new approach in humanizing corrections through bright, day-lit environments in a building with a positive, community-focused architecture. She also was a member of the project team for the Everett Municipal Courthouse.