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Houston, Texas

Filo Castore



  • Architecture
  • Civic
  • Workplace
  • Principal
Filo Castore
  • Principal

“It’s time for architecture to reclaim the original charge of the Renaissance ideal: an interdisciplinary approach to the built environment, through knowledge sharing and collaboration. Architects must step forward in the role of civic leader, poised to influence the future proactively, not merely as a design consultant.”

Filo leads DLR Group operations in Texas. He is a recognized expert in the Workplace and Civic markets with extensive knowledge and experience in Houston. Filo’s approach to design promotes health, comfort, ecology, and building performance with an emphasis on a collaborative process to deliver complex projects on time and on budget.

Filo is a passionate advocate of sustainable design. He is a leading voice – locally, regionally, and nationally – within the AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE), active with COTE since 2003, and was the 2012 AIA COTE national chair.

“As it matures, sustainability will increasingly focus on influencing behavior and move beyond technology and performance. It will focus on places and not projects. As a true integrated design firm, DLR Group will partner and collaborate with the larger community to elevate sustainable design to a restorative and regenerative process that harmonizes the social, economic, and environmental forces of each place.”