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Minneapolis, MN

Haidee Tan



  • Architecture
  • K-12 Schools
  • Senior Associate
Haidee Tan
  • Senior Associate

Haidee has more than 20 years of experience completing architectural design documents for building types in a variety of markets. A Certified Building Official, Haidee uses her knowledge of building codes to build relationships with approving authorities to quickly resolve issues.

"The days I find most exciting are when I am able to practice what I studied and trained for—architecture. It's collaborating with an enthusiastic team, designing, detailing, and then creating construction documents. It's the opportunity to workshare and assist other DLR Group offices. Those are the days that are most rewarding."

Haidee is proficient in Revit and is skilled in using architecture detailing and sketching to develop resolutions to project issues. Her recent work includes Ramstad Middle School and ongoing work at the Mall of America.

"The next wave of sustainable design will be dictated by electronic innovation and the means of sharing of information. Hand-held electronic devices allow students – and design teams – to collaborate outside the classrooms, or away from the office and even at the job site. We are no longer bounded by four walls."

Haidee's Projects