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Chicago, IL

Jason Meyering



  • Architecture
  • K-12 Schools
  • Senior Associate
Jason Meyering
  • Senior Associate

"I have always felt the need to design, make, and tinker with my environment. As an architect I fulfill this need to experiment with space, test new materials, and craft carefully considered details."

Jason is a talented architect with a focus on design for education clients and student-centered learning. He has extensive design and technical abilities and is skilled in building simulation, rendering and physical modeling techniques, conveying project concepts, goals, and developments to clients and team members. He supports concept design through construction drawings and is a quick interpreter of design intent, enabling the team to move forward with informed design decisions in a timely fashion. He is an effective communicator who can translate ideas into technical documents utilized for consultant coordination and overall project unity.

"Design makes us human. The ability to contemplate, critique, empathize, and create sets us apart, but requires us to use that unique ability responsibly - to meet our needs without exceeding the capacity of our natural resources."

Jason's Projects