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Omaha, NE

Jay Daubman



  • Architecture
  • Civic
  • Detention
  • Principal
Jay Daubman
  • Principal

"Design can be like cooking. You don't always follow the recipe. You start off with an outcome in mind then go off on a tangent adding and changing things to spice things up and make it a one of-a-kind creation."   

Jay is a Justice+Civic design expert. In the roles of project architect and project manager he has contributed his expertise to some of the firm's largest detention projects across the country. He was a key member of project teams for the Bledsoe Correctional Complex in Tennessee, Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas, and SCORE Jail in Des Moines, Washington.   

Jay's responsibilities include services throughout all phases of a project including schematic design, design development, construction documents and specifications, and construction services and administration.   

"My favorite aspect of the design process is seeing something that was once just in a thought in my head develop from that thought, be created in Revit, printed onto sheets of paper, and then constructed into a built environment."