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Seattle, WA

Lisa Johnson



  • Architecture
  • K-12 Schools
  • Principal
Lisa Johnson
  • Principal

As the K-12 Education leader in Seattle, Lisa is responsible for ensuring exceptional service and the highest design quality for public and private school clients. Lisa excels at project planning, project management, project budget and schedule management. She has as a passion for leading and managing community involvement during the design process.

Lisa also advocates for exploring viable school design ideas by looking at what's happening within higher education and workplace environments. She monitors the trends, best practices, and expectations being placed on young people and applies this knowledge to inform the creation of schools that better prepare K-12 students for the next steps in their lives.

Lisa collaborated with Bellevue School District in the phased renovation of The International School, enabling safe ongoing school operations during in-building construction. She also worked with Steilacoom Historical School District on the design of Pioneer Middle School where she facilitated a $350,000 grant from the State for volunteer participation in the budding Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol. Lisa partnered with the University of Washington to successfully complete a series of main campus renovations that repurposed outdated spaces as researching, learning, and collaboration labs, including the renowned Allen Library Research Commons.

"I love the power of collaboration at DLR Group. I am humbled and honored to work with many talented people here, who come from different disciplines and perspectives. Whether it is a collaborative design process, or the final facility itself, I love the ability to achieve something from our collective efforts that would not be possible individually."