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Phoenix, AZ

Lloyd Ramsey


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Lloyd Ramsey
  • Principal
"I live by the professional advice that the only time you truly fail is when you cease to try."

Lloyd is a nationally recognized expert in integrated design and building optimization. He leads DLR Group's Energy + Engineering Sector in the Southwest and collaborates with other sustainable design experts as a member of the national team.

A Certified Energy Manager and Certified Energy Auditor, Lloyd has led integrated teams in planning, programming, and delivery of high-performance projects in the U.S. and Canada.

"I believe strongly that integrated project delivery is the best method for producing sustainable, high performance buildings. It's goal-driven, provides clear decision making, it's inclusive and holistic, and leverages the iterative expertise of a committed, collaborative team."

Ramsey has more than 20 years of professional experience implementing sustainable design strategies for new construction, modernizations, and adaptive-reuse. He is the Chairman of the USGBC Arizona Chapter and sits on the Executive Board of the Discovery Triangle.

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