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Minneapolis, MN

Matthew Streed



  • Architecture
  • Civic
  • K-12 Schools
  • Senior Associate
Matthew Streed
  • Senior Associate

"Design is a rhythmic process. Ideas are gathered, tested, some discarded and others accepted, pushing the design forward, pulling it back."

Matthew is passionate about the potential of design to make life better and is always looking for innovative solutions and new opportunities to elevate the human experience.

A talented designer, Matthew has worked across a range of building types including civic, higher education, hospitality, and K-12 education, both in the United States and internationally. His work includes a new school design program in Minot and Legacy High School in Bismarck, N.D., as well as the International Mall Mombasa, YALI Regional Center, and an innovative student housing concept at CampusCiti Nazarene University in Kenya. 

Matthew believes that great design comes from collaboration between both logic and instinct. Every building starts with a gesture, striving to achieve both beauty and purpose. Achieving this balance is at the core of Matthew's design ethos.

"Culture is very important to me, so I strive to create a positive, collaborative design environment in any way I can."

Matthew's Projects