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Riverside, CA

Michael Stephens



  • Architecture
  • K-12 Schools
  • Principal
Michael Stephens
  • Principal

Practicing more than 20 years, Michael's diverse experience includes retail, government, higher education, industrial and residential projects for a variety of clients throughout Southern California.

"Being an architect is so rewarding. I enjoy being part of a team that sweats the details, achieves great design, develops concise documents, and provides superior service."

Michael spent summer vacations in high school and in his early college years working in the field for his uncle's electrical contracting business, and by the end of 9th grade, he was already a proficient drafter. He then attended Cal Poly Pomona with a clear vision that he was going to be an architect.

"The field experience I gained during those summers has proven to be as valuable as my formal education."


Michael's Projects