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Seattle, WA

Noah Greenberg



  • Architecture
  • K-12 Schools
  • Principal
Noah Greenberg
  • Principal
"I like boats. I like opera. I like building things, especially out of wood. I like drawing by hand. I like working with people with diverse interests and abilities."

Noah's passions encompass understanding the relationships between student and educator needs, and the realities of technical systems. His expertise spans detailed knowledge of how a building is put together to connect people to places of pride, meaning, and the best possible learning opportunities. He earned a Bachelor of Science in art and design from MIT and Master of Architecture from the University of Washington.

"I am here for the people. I enjoy finding out their motivations and empowering them to be successful. That's important not only within a design team, but also when working collaboratively with clients."

Noah often serves clients as project leader and project manager. He guides design teams with sensitivity to the important context of a project: physical, political, historical, geographical, and cultural. Noah emphasizes the importance of details in carefully selected materials and systems to find design solutions that are constructable, value-oriented, and supportive of the design vision developed with the client.

Noah's most significant work includes the AIA-award-winning Federal Way Public Schools program, delivering four new elementary schools that provide 21st century learning opportunities for students in a low-income and often transient communities of ethnically diverse families. He led the discovery process in developing Tacoma School District’s Vision for the Elementary Learning Environment and two subsequent architectural projects, including the revitalization of the historic McCarver Elementary School and the Wainwright Intermediate School serving students in grades 4-8. Noah also is collaborating with Surrey Schools in British Columbia to ensure its furnishing selections supports progressive learning modes within their facilities.