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Cleveland, OH

Patrick Hyland Jr.



  • Architecture
  • Higher Education
  • Museums
  • Senior Associate
Patrick Hyland Jr.
  • Senior Associate
“We create buildings and spaces that are the backdrops for peoples’ lives.”

Patrick Hyland is an architect who serves as a community resource and steward of the built environment, protecting and enhancing the character, history, and mission of campus, place, or institution. He is passionate about investing in local communities, and the cultural and institutional anchors that help define unique regional identities.

“We have a great responsibility to create architecture that is worthy of future generations.”

Patrick’s work with these anchors includes planning and design for educational spaces, museums, and cultural arts institutions. He believes in building architecture that is timeless and sturdy, inspirational and functional, and seeks to create a built legacy that serves the immediate needs of his clients, as well as the unknown needs of generations to come.

Patrick's Projects