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Minneapolis, MN

Phillip Stien



  • Architecture
  • Retail+Mixed-Use
  • Principal
Phillip Stien
  • Principal
“I love seeing a building move from the drawing board to build reality, especially through the eyes of a happy client.”

Phil believes architects have a unique opportunity and responsibility to reduce the impact that buildings have on the natural environment. He is one of the firm’s LEED experts and often guides the LEED documentation process for projects in Minneapolis.

Since joining DLR Group in 2002, Phil has developed a focused expertise in the retail/mixed-use market. He is a key part of the DLR Group Mall of America Project Team that is delivering a multi-phased design that will more than double the size of the nation’s most iconic retail destination.

“I value Ed Wilms as a mentor. He gave me a blunt piece of advice that guides me every day, ‘If it was easy, we wouldn't need you to do it.’”