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Omaha, NE

Scott Dobbe



  • Architecture
  • Sports
  • Associate
Scott Dobbe
  • Associate

Scott joined DLR Group in 2011, returning to his home state of Nebraska after several years in Chicago. He contributes a creative design mind-set to the national Sports team along with adding additional professional experience in educational, corporate and healthcare design.

“I love design precisely because it is a challenge. Producing a design that is responsive to the unique needs of each client, one that emphasizes the best of the organization’s culture and history while elevating the experience of each user group, is the challenge that keeps me engaged and loving my job day after day.”

A life-long student of urban form and patterns of living, Scott believes in the power of good design to transform everyday environments. He is committed to bringing sensitive solutions to complex problems.

“I believe that even the most creative individuals are not endless founts of ideas. All of us require input from the world around us as the raw material to formulate ideas. For me, this means my best ideas come as a byproduct of the environment I surround myself with – primarily by reading, conversing, and keeping my eyes open to the art, architecture, and culture of a place.”