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Omaha, NE

Scott Dobbe



  • Architecture
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  • Associate
Scott Dobbe
  • Associate

As an architect and design leader in the Omaha studio, Scott contributes his keen design eye and strategic vision to guide clients towards enhanced project outcomes. He is a life-long student of urban form and patterns of development; well-versed in the power of good design to transform both communities and individual lives for the better. This mindset has led him to develop and introduce Design Agency – a firm-wide strategy for proactive problem solving that advances the role of design professionals as leaders in project ideation.

“Much of what the world sees as problems are, in truth, hidden opportunities just waiting for a designed solution. As a designer, there can then be no truer way to act than to choose an issue you care about and get to work.”

Scott’s design studio contributions traverse a broad spectrum including education, healthcare, hospitality, sports, and workplace. At a national scale, he has led the design of sports venues by focusing on the student-athlete experience while enhancing the unique place of honor such facilities hold within their campuses and communities. Locally, he has championed the adaptive reuse of underutilized building stock to foster collaborative and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

A commitment to strengthening cities, campuses and neighborhoods is a common thread in Scott’s work. This is reflected in his role as chair of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce Alternative Transportation Sub-Committee, and co-chair of the City of Omaha Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission. Long-standing involvement with Omaha by Design, Leadership Omaha, and the Greater Omaha Young Professionals Council further highlight his commitment to elevating the human experience through design.

“As designers, we have the privilege of balancing a unique responsibility: To listen first and design second, to create lasting value for our clients. And all the while, to advance the common good of the community and society in which we work.”