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Seattle, WA

Sean Avery



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Sean Avery
  • Senior Associate
"It’s one thing to design something unique but if it isn’t easy to use or understand, it won’t continue to operate for very long. I always challenge myself to create user-friendly systems through the design process." 

Sean is an Electrical Engineer whose experience spans power, controls, and lighting design. He is involved in the design of energy-efficient systems to ensure user comfort, wellbeing, and effectiveness. He is an expert in early modeling and analysis to inform the development of effective passive design strategies. In recent years, he's grown his specific passions for lighting design and high-performance building design, with an emphasis in on-site renewable power generation.

Sean is currently the lead Electrical Engineering and Lighting Designer for the Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) Maclaren East Campus Housing units. The design work for this project has included lighting, medium voltage underground distribution, and a Photovoltaic system with a parallel generator. The housing units are institutional buildings designed to look and feel more like a residence in order to create a better living environment per the program goals of OYA. To complement this, the lighting system involves dynamic white lighting in residential form factors in place of traditional institutional fixtures. The final result is a facility that allows youth to live, learn, and heal.

“Lighting, both daylight and artificial, is an important aspect of our health and mood, often more than we realize. Winter in the Northwest is accompanied by short days and heavy clouds. Our goal at Oregon Youth Authority was to create a daylight feel during times of year when daylight is not abundant. Dynamic white lighting helped us achieve this.”

Sean shares his expertise as a speaker and a mentor, including presentations at Illuminating Engineering Society conferences the University of Washington, and Seattle University. He has recently been awarded for his efforts in the field as a recipient of the CSE 40 Under 40 award.