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Cleveland, OH

Seth Trance



  • Architecture
  • Healthcare
Seth Trance

As an architect, Seth injects his belief in sustainable design into each project. Guided by his commitment to sustainablility, he regards research, partnership, and discipline as cornerstones of success. Seth demonstrates a true passion for DLR Group’s broad knowledge base, and is a strong advocate for continuous collaboration throughout every phase of a project.


“Because we are designers of the built environment, we are at the forefront of environmental stewardship. We have the responsibility to not only meet but exceed the standards we have set, all the while focusing on the economic and social outcomes of our decisions to maintain a healthy future for all beings.”


Seth’s personal focus on the user experience is at the heart of his design philosophy. Seth brings strong design and communication skills to a variety of project types, including those for DLR Group’s Healthcare, Education, and Culture+Performing Arts Studios, creating solutions through listening, learning, and engaging with clients to truly understand their needs and wants.


“Being a global design leader means having broad based knowledge and social awareness, regardless of the scale or location of a project.”