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DLR Group Seattle Office

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  • LEED Certified Gold

Design Achievement - New 51 University tenant DLR Group is an integrated design firm whose mission is to elevate the human experience through design. For the tenant improvement to 1.5 floors in this waterfront area building, DLR Group designed a space for itself that enables creative collaboration, agile teaming, and deployment of new and emerging technologies keeping pace with evolving working methods in design and project delivery. Collaboration is encouraged through an open benching system for individual work stations, teaming stations, and open and flexible areas that cover one-third of the square footage of the office. Enclosed conference and teaming rooms of diverse sizes support a range of small, medium and large group activities with acoustic separation from the open office environment. Conference, teaming and collaboration areas include videoconference system, integrated displays and puck-based connection systems mobile technologies. The design respects the existing high ceilings with minimal construction, and the integration of glass as well as a bright, clean color and materials palette takes full advantage of daylighting and views through extensive windows along three perimeter walls. In addition to fulfilling the working needs of users, the design's spaces, furnishings, and organizational principles allow the space to serve as a showroom to DLR Group's clients of opportunities in forward-thinking workplace design.

Scope Summary - The renovation included 21,522 SF over 1.5 floors of the century-old waterfront office building. Scope of work included demoing the space to a shell and a complete renovation of the space including HVAC, replacing all power distribution back to the electrical panel, new LED lighting, installation of two café areas, an interiors material library, and furnishings of workspaces with capacity for more than 100 employees. The space is currently in the application process for a LEED Gold certification; all adhesives, and (FFE) Furniture, Finishes and Equipment were chosen with regard to creating a healthy environment for the construction workers and staff during and after constructions; all appliances are Energy Star Rated. DLR Group provided architecture, interiors and engineering services.

DLR Group Seattle Office