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Four Winds

  • Area

    • 5,000,000 ft²

Design Achievement – Set amidst 20 miles of high-end coastal resorts and some of the tallest buildings in the world, Four Winds is a new mixed-use development featuring two hotels and two office/residential facilities. The design creates a breathtaking piece of architecture for this luxurious destination along the Red Sea. Dynamic curved forms and variations in massing deviate drastically from both historical and contemporary high rise towers and blur the lines between architecture and sculpture. While each tower has its own architectural language, together the towers form a singular aesthetic presence.

Scope Summary – The scope of this project encompasses five million SF in four towers, all of varying heights. The development includes two hotels, a 7-star hotel with two-level suites, a 5-star hotel, and two office/retail buildings to accommodate extended stay and business travelers. The towers sit on a podium of lavish retail stores. Each of the four towers features unique views of either the Red Sea or the Jeddah Corniche, a high-end resort area spanning 20 miles that includes recreation areas, pavilions and the highest fountain in the world. DLR Group provided architectural design services for this concept.