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Grand Arch

  • Opened/Completed

    • 2015
  • Area

    • 1,400,000 ft²
  • Cost

    • $280,000,000

Design Achievement – Drawn to the impressive arches that frame timeless Mughal architecture works like the Taj Mahal, DLR Group’s design for the Grand Arch infuses monumental inspiration with modern minimalist design. The building serves as the flagship for a new 300-acre township outside New Delhi and features more than 900 residential units in both high and mid-rise buildings. Cultural differences in planning for multifamily housing include creating bigger apartments for larger families, inclusion of attendants’ quarters and puja rooms, and increased privacy of personal spaces and bedrooms as compared with Western standards. The Grand Arch aims to enhance the pedestrian experience by connecting to the commercial center of the township through elevated walkways.

Scope Summary – The scope of this project encompassed the design of a 1.4 million SF residential Tower on a 30-acre site. The Grand Arch features more than 900 residential units in high and mid-rise buildings. All units in The Grand Arch are energy efficient, featuring double glazed windows to prevent heat gain and loss, and energy conserving variable refrigerant flow air conditioning systems. The development also includes solar water heating systems, solar lighting systems, and sun-shading throughout. Water conservation is achieved through efficient and low-flow plumbing systems, and rain water collection and reuse. A dedicated waste-water treatment plant uses state-of-the-art efficient membrane technology for purification and recycling. DLR Group provided architectural design services.

Grand Arch

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