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Indio Teen Center

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Design Achievement - The City of Indio wanted a functional, sustainable and accessible teen center that appealed to teens and provided a safe place for them to gather after school. DLR Group's design delivered a whimsical modern design incorporating glass, steel, angles, bold colors, an internet café that features a glass wall covered in emoticon-inspired graphics, and an art gallery. Through sustainable design choices, the design further appeals to the first generation that has grown up thinking green. The technology-rich facility that incorporates energy-efficient elements and contributes to the prominence of the City of Indio's public services program.

Scope Summary - Situated across the street from Indio High School, the 12,520 SF building was oriented on the four-acre site taking full advantage of surrounding views. Daylight fills the interiors, from the lobby-reception area, library and internet café to the two large multi-purpose rooms. Large glass-paned rolling garage doors open from the multipurpose spaces to expand the areas and enhance cross-ventilation during mild winter months. Solar panels on the extended roof capture up to 50 kilowatts of energy daily exceeding the average 35 kilowatts needed to power a typical building of this size. The computer lab, recording studio, game room and a media room with flat panel televisions are all powered by this renewable energy element. DLR Group provided architecture services for this project.

Awards & Recognition

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  • Citation Award (built)

    American Institute of Architects (AIA) San Fernando Valley
  • Citation Award (unbuilt)

    American Institute of Architects (AIA) San Fernando Valley
  • Building of America Award

    Real Estate and Construction Review
  • Small New Construction Vision Award

    Floor Focus magazine