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Design Achievement – Finding inspiration from a city still struggling to define its own urban context was the challenge in creating Skyon, a large-scale, mixed-use, multifamily residential project in Gurgaon, India. The focal point of DLR Group's design is a 40 story iconic tower with a pinwheel layout composed of four stacked units radiating from a rectangular core. This plan for the tower is derived from the Hindu symbol for good luck. Its simple geometric design affords each unit unobstructed views in three directions. The building’s ornamental facade modulates exterior balconies to create undulating forms akin to paper origami. Within each unit, bedrooms and living spaces are pushed toward the outer fully-glazed walls. This contrasts with the opposite wall, which is solid and utilizes a pattern of punched windows to light the space. Residential balconies extend along the length of the glazed facade, providing extremely effective shading under both high and low-angle sunlight, thereby reducing the tower’s total energy consumption.

Scope Summary – Skyon is a 22-acre sustainable residential development composed of five, 9- to 13-story buildings, and a 40-story tower, all organized around a community green space. Residential midrise buildings border three sides of a central green space. Views from these units are directed either inward to the garden oasis or outward to nearby mountains. Midrise facades incorporate a generous use of balconies which rhythmically shift from floor to floor, echoing the tower form. These facades create a dynamic visual foundation upon which the contrasting forms of the slender tower and a garden pavilion clubhouse are further enhanced. DLR Group provided architecture and planning services.

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