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University of Gurgaon

  • Opened/Completed

    • 2018
  • Area

    • 948,800 ft²

Design Achievement – This new applied sciences university in Northern India seeks to be a premier higher education institution to meet the growing needs of India’s younger generations for interdisciplinary education. The University of Gurgaon is founded on three basic principles: 1) to provide a strong infrastructure to support future growth; 2) to attract the most qualified faculty; and 3) to create a student-centric learning environment to attract undergraduates of the highest caliber. DLR Group was engaged to provide a complete master plan, reflecting the concept of connectivity. The design team’s response envisions multiple disciplines working, teaching and learning in close proximity, sharing physical space and resources to promote cross-disciplinary interactions. Planning and design of exterior and interior pedestrian circulation through the campus is key to reinforcing the concept of connectivity. Vehicular circulation is limited to the site’s perimeter, creating a vehicle-free campus interior. Exterior circulation is propelled by the landscape design, creating a continuous flow from one end the campus to the other. Local climatic conditions, including intense summer heat and heavy monsoon rains, prompted circulation options between buildings through covered elevated bridges or open on-grade paths. The campus’ architectural language is derived from the dome, a natural geometry found in iconic and traditional Indian vernacular architecture. The dome provides the foundation, with the main campus buildings envisioned as strong sculptural statements composed of related and contrasting geometric forms.

Scope Summary – The master plan sets a vision for a 20-acre site in three phases, totaling approximately 700,000 SF. Phase I includes the design and construction of the Administration Building, the Student Center, and three academic buildings. Phase II includes three additional classroom buildings, a Center of Innovation and Design, and an arts center. Phase III adds student housing. DLR Group provided master planning, landscape urban design, and architectural design services.