University of Wyoming Rochelle Athletic Center

  • Client

    • Pappas & Pappas Architects, P.C.
  • Project Type

  • Area

    • 80,134 ft²

Design Achievement – Recruit and Develop. DLR Group’s renovation and expansion of the Rochelle Athletic Center will play an integral part in attracting top student-athletes to the University of Wyoming. Once on campus, the University’s goal will be to develop them into the best athletes and students with this significant new facility to be called the High Altitude Performance Center. It capitalizes on the competitive advantage of physical training for athletes at 7,220 feet above sea level. Sited in the north end zone of War Memorial Stadium, the facility will create a stunning presence and branding tool promoting the University’s commitment to Cowboy football and athletics. The building’s exterior design will incorporate the materials and architectural style prevalent throughout campus, inspired by UW’s historic sandstone buildings. Inside, the spaces are programmed to provide a modern, state of the art facility that supports the holistic approach to the development of all Cowboy student-athletes. New or expanded spaces will focus on academic success, nutrition, strength and conditioning, recovery, sports medicine and rehabilitation. 

Scope Summary - The central focus of this nearly 110,000 SF renovation and expansion is to provide the Cowboy football program with the tools it needs to consistently win conference championships, but the facility will also benefit all of Wyoming’s more than 400 student-athletes. Upon entering the facility, visitors and athletes will immediately experience the history and tradition of Cowboy Football. The Strength and Performance Center and new football locker room will also be located on the main level, along with an impressive tiered lecture hall and Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center, which will be utilized by all teams and athletes. On the second level, the existing football coaches’ office suite and meetings rooms will be reconfigured and enlarged to increase efficiencies for the busy student-athletes and coaches. The second floor expansion will feature a new Training Table with flexibility to allow for team meals, as well as more casual and intimate dining opportunities. The Academic Center will be expanded and enhanced to enable the UW to position itself as a leader in the development of student-athletes both athletically and academically. The facility is also designed with the prospective recruit in mind, by creating opportunities at every turn to tell the great story of UW Athletics and to showcase all the features that will maximize their potential as student-athletes. DLR Group is providing architecture and interiors services.

University of Wyoming Rochelle Athletic Center

Pappas & Pappas Architects, P.C.