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  • Client

    • YP Holdings Corp.
  • Project Type

  • Opened/Completed

    • 2015
  • Area

    • 24,100 ft²

Design Achievement - YP, a leading local marketing solutions provider in the US, expanded their lease from five full floors to six within a Class A building in Glendale, CA to accommodate the 155-person Sales Team’s consolidation from downtown Los Angeles. The goal of the second-generation renovation was to create an energized and branded work environment aligned with the other floors and provide expanded, flexible collaboration / rejuvenation space for shared use by all employees. 65% of the floor is dedicated to an open work environment with individual work spaces and informal, open team collaboration areas. Strategically placed conference and huddle rooms provide teams with reservable meeting spaces while focus rooms provide for individual focus and privacy. The other 35% of the floor is dedicated to a large multi-purpose room, designed for maximum flexibility, optimized usage, and easy reconfiguration. When not in use for large-group presentations or staff meetings, the room is sub-divided with mobile screens into dining, play, collaboration, and relaxation zones. Bold colors integrate the YP brand into the full work environment and bring life to the space. The project budget of $35 per square foot was achieved through: the reuse of existing walls, sidelights, doors and ceiling grid; strategic placement of decorative materials; and incorporation of second-generation furniture systems. 

Scope Summary - The phased renovation for YP included the refresh of the approximately 24, 100 square foot, 12th Floor expansion space, the repurposing of a vacated space on the 3rd Floor into a Technology Workroom, and the expansion of the 4th Floor Break Room. Work for the space included re-planning floor configurations; selective demolition of walls and ceilings; new paint; new floor treatments; and second-generation furnishings and fixtures. The program includes a flexible 3,400 SF multi-purpose room, a kitchen adjacent from the multi-purpose room, small huddle rooms, conference rooms, phone booths, informal lounge and collaboration spaces, and offices. DLR Group provided programming and interior design services.


YP Holdings Corp.