Chico High School Recognized by California Collaborative for High Performance Schools

DLR Group's design at Chico High School has been recognized today as having met the CA-CHPS Criteria, a stringent green school building standard.  

“CHPS Verified schools bring so many benefits to the people studying and working in them every day,” said Bill Orr, CHPS Executive Director. “The air quality is better. There is more natural light, which boosts mood and promotes productivity. They use less energy, both in the building of the school and ongoing operations. We applaud the Chico Unified School District for their leadership in becoming CA-CHPS Verified.”

“Congratulations to the Chico Unified School District for its vision of a sustainable campus,” said DLR Group Principal Gary Gery, who leads the firm K-12 practice in Northern California.  “Our approach was to shape the building to preserve all existing mature trees, and emphasis on north facing glass and natural day-lit classrooms while creating a new campus edge to the community.”

DLR Group recently designed a new classroom building addition at Chico High School.  This 30,000-square-foot infill building added 14 classrooms, two staff workrooms, three science labs, and special education and adult life skills class spaces.  Sustainable features include an advanced mechanical system with indirect/direct evaporative cooling and displacement ventilation modeled to save 22 percent of HVAC costs per year; high efficiency direct/indirect lighting; and daylighting and glare analysis modeling to maximize daylight harvesting.

 “The greater Chico community can take great pride that this high school project was conceived, designed and constructed to meet rigorous healthy high performance standards,” stated Jim Ogden, Chair of the CHPS Board of Directors. “It makes a bold statement that this community cares about its students, cares about its staff, and cares about the sustainability of the planet for future generations.”

CHPS Verified is a green school building rating program that combines a rigorous state-specific standard for the design and construction of healthy, high performance schools with a complete third-party review of the features to ensure the benefits are delivered. Compliance with the CHPS Verified program demonstrates that a school has met one of the most stringent standards for green school design.

The Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) believes kids learn better in schools with good lighting, clean air, and comfortable classrooms. The goal of CHPS is to fundamentally change the design, construction and operation of schools to protect student and staff health; conserve energy, water, and other natural resources; and reduce waste, pollution, and environmental degradation. To date, over two hundred CHPS Verified schools have been built nationwide.