DLR Group Staffelbach Announces Leadership Transition

Completing the strategic aims of merging with global design firm DLR Group in 2017, DLR Group Staffelbach today announced leadership changes within its core Workplace Studio in Dallas. Jonathan Grefaldon, RA, LEED AP, will lead DLR Group’s Workplace practice and Art Bloodworth, RID, will lead design in the Dallas office.

(L) DLR Group Principal Jonathan Grefaldon, RA, LEED AP. (R) DLR Group Principal Art Bloodworth, RID.

Grefaldon joined DLR Group in 2010. As workplace leader he is responsible for delivering client service and design solutions to grow the Workplace practice with corporate clients in Texas. Bloodworth has been with the firm for 22 years, and as design leader, will maintain the firm’s tradition of interiors design excellence for clients. Each is intimately familiar with the design and interiors market in Dallas and are key members of DLR Group design teams practicing coast-to-coast.

“Workplace is the foundation of the Dallas office,” said Grefaldon. “I am eager to build on that tradition and to continue to deliver unmatched client service and design solutions for every client. I look forward to developing new design opportunities for the Workplace Studio here, in Austin, Houston, and throughout Texas.”

“I am excited to mentor the talented staff we have and watch them blossom as designers,” said Bloodworth. “Joining DLR Group enhanced our Workplace practice, and during the past three years we’ve added dedicated Education, Justice+Civic, and Performing Arts studios, and we are nurturing Sports and Higher Education practices. New design opportunities abound for our designers in Dallas.”

When Andre Staffelbach, FIIDA, ASID, and Jo Heinz, FIIDA, chose to merge their interior architecture firm with DLR Group in 2017, the vision they had was to diversify and expand the Staffelbach design brand through the global reach of DLR Group.

With the strategic aims of joining DLR Group realized, Staffelbach and Heinz have decided to transition away from the daily operational and management responsibilities of the office.

“As we looked into the future, we wanted a way to ensure the continuity of Staffelbach and the design passions and careers of our people as we considered a time when we would no longer actively lead the office,” said Heinz. “That has been accomplished. Jonathan and Art are more than ready to lead the studio, and all of the people who joined DLR Group with Staffelbach are now experiencing the full benefit of employee ownership.”

“It’s the right time for this transition,” said Staffelbach. “Jonathan and Art are extremely talented and their passion for design and delivering solutions for clients will evolve our practice to the next level.”

Joining DLR Group in 2017 enabled Staffelbach to expand its reach using the global platform of DLR Group. The design process and standards in the Dallas office are elevating the interiors practice across DLR Group. Designers from Staffelbach have established interiors studios within the Charlotte, North Carolina, and Houston offices of DLR Group, and enhanced interior design in New York City and Orlando where teams are delivering designs for global law, financial services, technology, and other corporate clients.

While Staffelbach and Heinz are stepping away from the day-to-day management of the office, they will be present to engage with clients; mentor design staff; and provide counsel to the Dallas leadership team. They also will share their design voice on projects and celebrate the design achievements of the Dallas office. 

DLR Group Principal Adam St, Cyr, AIA, LEED AP, will continue to lead firm operations in Texas and its Austin, Dallas, and Houston offices.