Meet Minneapolis Officially Moves into Its New Downtown Headquarters

After 15 years in their previous office, Meet Minneapolis began exploring alternative locations where they could create an innovative work environment from the ground up that reflects their brand and supports their mission to promote Minneapolis as a convention and visitor destination of choice. In late 2018, the organization joined DLR Group to officially celebrate the opening of their new headquarters.  

Meet Minneapolis Headquarters in Minneapolis by DLR Group. Photo by Brandon Stengel.

Now headquartered at 801 Marquette in downtown Minneapolis, the relocation took Meet Minneapolis from a relatively secluded multi-tenant building to a street-level space in the heart of the city’s central business district. DLR Group’s design both preserves the original raw architectural features of what had once been a bank building – high ceilings, terrazzo floors in two colors, patched concrete floors, and exposed brick and concrete columns – and merges them with warmer tones of metal, quartz, stone, and dark wood. The resulting design offers a casual, modern, and hip vibe, a true reflection of the city itself.   

"We are proud to design an environment that provides a variety of settings that allow Meet Minneapolis employees to do their best work while at the same time, celebrating the architectural character of the space,” said DLR Group Principal Shari Bjork, LEED AP. “And, befitting an organization whose mission is to celebrate and promote the city of Minneapolis, the office is uniquely reflective of its place, with locally sourced materials, locally made furniture, and features by local artisans and fabricators strategically integrated throughout.” 

Meet Minneapolis’ new headquarters encompasses 18,126 SF of renovated space, offering the organization a slightly smaller workplace that is both smarter and more efficient than its previous location. The reception area and boardroom, immediately adjacent to the base building’s four-story public atrium, doubles as an event venue; it is connected to a second multi-function space by a 60-foot-long gallery wall, which features large-scale environmental graphics created by a local artist. True to Meet Minneapolis’ mission, the craftsmanship of local makers and artists is utilized throughout the headquarters and includes work by Blu Dot, Fixt Electric Company, Gomez Whitney, Heather Novak-Peterson, Hennepin Made, Mercury Mosaics & Tile, Inc., She She, and Wood from the Hood.

“Because of our role in marketing the city, our intent was to showcase as many different aspects of Minneapolis as possible, while also creating a modern, comfortable, and collaborative space for our employees,” said Meet Minneapolis President and CEO Melvin Tennant. “In just a few short months, we’ve given more tours of our new office than the entire time we were in our previous space. That’s a testament to the design and the many local artists featured throughout our new office.”