Solar Canopy Installed at Mount Rushmore National Memorial

A 346-kW carport solar system at Mount Rushmore was unveiled April 22. The new Thomas Jefferson Solar Canopy is a collaboration of installer Pivot Energy, park operator Xanterra Travel Collection, and DLR Group. The system is estimated to save the park over $40,000 in energy costs annually. 

Thomas Jefferson Solar Canopy at Mount Rushmore by DLR Group. Photo courtesy of Pivot Energy.

“We were honored to be involved in a unique engineering project like this,” said DLR Group Principal, Eric Loos, PE. “Anytime we have an opportunity to work with great partners like Xanterra and Pivot Energy to honor an American icon like Mount Rushmore through our commitment to renewable energy, we consider it a win for everyone.”

The solar structure will generate over half of the electricity used at Xanterra’s gift shop and restaurant at Mount Rushmore. It is estimated to reduce existing greenhouse gas emissions by 24 percent. When parking vehicles under the array, visitors are protected from the elements and can enjoy unobstructed views of the Memorial provided by the distinct angular design of the 975 solar panels atop the carport.