DLR Group Launches Intelligent Air Quality Analytics Platform

sonrai IAQ™ by DLR Group is an intelligent air quality analytics platform that collects and visualizes live and historical building performance data. Using a powerful analytics engine to intelligently work behind the scenes, sonrai IAQ provides actionable insights for systems optimization.

Sonrai IAQ intelligent air quality platform DLR Groupsonrai IAQ by DLR Group. Photo by DLR Group.

sonrai IAQ helps building owners and facility managers to better understand their building’s air quality data, which can help them to fine tune HVAC systems performance to positively influence the comfort, health, wellbeing and safety of building occupants.

Building owners can deploy sonrai IAQ to integrate data streams from air quality monitors and other smart IoT devices efficiently through one platform to deliver a consolidated view of performance. The data becomes the driver of actionable intelligence to help owners balance improved ventilation rates, energy conservation protocols and a tool to communicate healthy building metrics to building occupants.

“We’re excited to launch sonrai IAQ, especially with the heightened awareness to better understand what’s in the air we breathe,” says DLR Group Principal Ruairi Barnwell. “As an integrated design firm with a robust focus on research and development we are continuously looking at ways to optimize building design and operations. This approach has led us to develop a software platform to help building owners provide confidence, trust and data transparency for building occupants, and create an organized data foundation for deeper analytics to improve system performance, air quality, and end-user comfort.”  

sonrai IAQ also features future-proof scalability by integrating data from the industry’s leading air quality monitors to a central data hub. This allows building owners to expand their sensor networks, with the flexibility of being able to use hardware from different manufacturers.

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