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Our integrated design teams of multidisciplinary design professionals bring highly specialized expertise to every project.


Equal parts art and science, architecture contributes value to the culture, history, and societies we live in and has the power to reshape the world for an inclusive, sustainable future for our communities.

dlr group global design leader steve mckay
Practice questions? Contact: Steven McKay, Global Design Leader


Our civil, electrical, mechanical, and structural engineers work as an integrated team with building performance, architecture, interiors, and planning professionals for an unparalleled level of collaboration and innovation.

smiling man in a suit jacket leaning against a stair railing
Practice questions? Contact: Lloyd Ramsey, Global Engineering Leader


Interior design enhances brand, culture, and quality of life by leveraging industry and proprietary research to guide evidence-based design. This integrated approach to design enhances knowledge sharing and nurtures innovation.

professional woman in black business wear
Practice questions? Contact: Audrey Koehn, Global Interiors Leader


An effective master plan – be it for an entire campus, energy, facilities, an open space, or the urban core – delivers place-making, resilience, and ultimately, return on investment for communities, institutions, and owners.

Our teams champion true collaboration, open information-sharing, value-based decision-making, proficient use of technology from project outset to close out, and continuous monitoring to optimize a building’s performance to further our practice of evidence-based design.



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