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Man performs for crowd in Magic Rat nightclub, green fireplace illuminated with greenery and lighting on white walls by fire

Invitation to Explore: Hospitality Amenity Programming

Staci Patton

Amenity spaces transform luxury hotels into more than just a place to rest your head: here lie playgrounds for the curious traveler.

Organic shaped translucent metallic doorframe wraps around opening to room with black, glass door cabinet holding guitars
The Elizabeth, Marriott Autograph Collection in Fort Collins, CO. Photo by Adam Larkey Photography.

Around Every Corner, New Memories Await
“First times” abound, reawakening the childhood thrill of discovery. Exclusivity – without the pesky gatekeepers – honors adventurers with private moments and chance encounters. Successful amenity programs are rooted in each property’s unique design parti and guest profile, adding interest through eclectic and engaging programming. They also are finely balanced to enhance the guest experience and support healthy revenue generation. At The Elizabeth, where music is a central theme, exploratory guests come upon an instrument room tucked off the main lounge. Here they can pluck out a tune while reliving the show they caught the night before at the on-site live music venue, The Magic Rat.

In upscale and lifestyle properties, even “function” amenities are given the full design treatment. At Canopy Minneapolis Mill District, where numerous intimate spaces throughout the property invite lingering fireside chats, meeting and event attendees find their own private bar and lounge off of well appointed event spaces where no detail goes untouched.

Stone wall with black doorframe leading to short stairwell. Below, seating area with exposed wood beams and columns
Canopy by Hilton Minneapolis Mill District in Minneapolis, MN. Photo by Jim Kruger.

Lifting Loyalty
Social spaces like roof decks lift off from the main level, enticing visitors upward and activating a vertical public realm. Here, a private oasis offers unparalleled views, fresh air, and elevated prospects for connection. Away from the hustle and bustle of the street, landscaping connects visitors with the local climate and provides the proven benefits of nature contact and biophilia.

Patio seating area lined with potted palms in front of illuminated bar with wood canopy. White building rises behind
The Laylow, Marriott Autograph Collection in Honolulu, HI. Photo by Linny Morris.

By studying comp sets and staying abreast of consumer preferences and behaviors, we can identify and recommend first-to-market amenities and guest offerings that differentiate. Beyond insta-worthy details, this focused approach captures and holds visitors’ attention: the memories built spark loyalty.


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