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monochromatic hotel lobby with black floor lamps, black table and gray sofa

Destination Revealed: Hospitality Arrival Sequencing

Staci Patton

At the moment of welcome, the arrival sequence unpacks the soul of a luxury hotel experience: the buzz of social community is seen, heard, and felt. Hallmarks of a successful arrival sequence include experiential touchpoints, scene-setting, and adaptability to support the visitors’ freedom to choose.

Experiential Over Transactional

A transactional check-in desk does not a welcoming encounter make. Sculptural elements – pictured below – redefine the check-in procession and introduce guests to the property’s point of view, personified in artful design touchpoints. Discrete service anticipates needs with invisible technology backing personal touchpoints. Convenience, personality, and responsiveness are hallmarks of a luxury arrival.

Seating area in room with double height windows looking to white geometric walled bar in next room. Wood columns and ceiling
Canopy by Hilton Minneapolis Mill District in Minneapolis, MN. Photo by Jim Kruger.

Make a Scene: Demand Generation

From reception, an intuitive free-flow encourages connective pauses at venue-oriented food and drink options. The scene says “stay a while” to travelers in motion.

Paths of movement and sightlines are cleverly orchestrated to funnel visitors and guests through toward a natural engagement in food & beverage offerings, generating demand and capturing additional revenue. Market research informs targeted features that drive guest engagement, increasing time – and money – spent. Transforming points-of-sale with impactful design moments attracts interest. Intuitive design space programs provide unobstructed flow for both guests and from back-of-house: nothing stands in the way of a service opportunity.

Adaptability and Freedom to Choose

The new luxury flirts with informality and flexibility: come as you are, the space adapts accordingly. Consumer cravings for individuation are matched with diverse social options that are placed front and center in the arrival sequence.

The return on tight urban footprints is maximized with spaces that do multiple duties. New experiences are sparked for the routine traveler: a craft cocktail may be served right alongside the room key. Whether the aim is to see or be seen, a sumptuous community “living room” accommodates with structured spots for business meetings, intimate lounge arrangements, and cozy solo reading nooks – as showcased at the Elizabeth Hotel pictured below.

White lobby hallway with beige accents and ornate organic decorative molding on ceilings with recessed lights
The Elizabeth, Marriott Autograph Collection in Fort Collins, CO. Photo by Andrew Bordwin Studio.

Once guests arrive, see how amenity programming can keep them engaged.


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