DLR Group Senior Associate Munene Mathenge.

  • Who: Munene Mathenge, senior associate and general manager, DLR Group; Julian Kyula, chairman, Beulah City; Isoken Omo, executive chairperson, Edo Development and Property Agency; Ben Modo, CEO, Prime Potomac Group; Joe Eshun, CEO, Deloitte East Africa; Andrew Chimphondah, managing director, Shelter Afrique; Charles Hinga, directorate of housing, Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure Housing & Urban Development, Republic of Kenya; Preston Mendenhall, executive vice president, Rendeavour.
  • What: Innovative Solutions Addressing Africa's Housing Shortage.
    According to WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, a third of all urban dwellers worldwide – 1.2 billion people – lack access to safe and secure housing. Lower and middle-income countries are the most affected, with governments increasingly unable to provide services and infrastructure to adequately address the concerns. Certain cities in Africa welcome more than 40,000 people every day, many of whom find themselves without a roof over their heads.
    In recent years, some African governments, along with supporting multilateral agencies, have prioritized sustainable urban development and affordable housing. The soaring demand is being met through initiatives that aim to increase private sector participation. Africa’s housing market presents an excellent business opportunity for developers with the technical and financial strength to construct large-scale projects. Panelists will address the steps that governments have taken to partner with the private sector, in order to develop an affordable sustainable housing sector as well as share best practices and success stories on the continent.
  • Where: U.S. – Africa Business Summit 2019 by the Corporate Council on Africa
    Joaquim Chissano International Conference Centre
    Avenida da Marginal
    Maputo, Mozambique
  • When: Friday, June 21 at 9:00 AM
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