DLR Group Senior Associate Matthias Olt, RIBA, LEED AP.

  • Who: Matthias Olt, senior associate, DLR Group.
  • What: Seastack: A Workplace Centered on Health.
  • Sea Stack is a tall building designed not as a container for people, but specifically to address inhabitants’ health and well-being. Recent research has found the positive impact sinuous, soft-organic physical forms have on human well-being, health, and performance. For example, visual exposure to curvilinear form has been shown to change human physiology, slowing heart rates and breathing, lowering blood pressure, and reducing stress levels. The underlying impact on workplace comfort and productivity in this context is significant. This presentation introduces a new dimension into the urban real estate proposition: tall buildings can promote health and wellbeing, environmental consciousness, and next-generation workplace flexibility.
  • Where: 2019 CTBUH 10th World Congress
    Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel
    221 N Columbus Dr.
    Chicago, IL 60601
  • When: Monday, October 28 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
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