• WhoMarilyn Denison, senior associate, DLR Group; Raechel French, associate, DLR Group; Emily Froese, DLR Group; Taryn Kinney, principal, DLR Group.
  • What: Redefining the Role of the Educator in a Hybrid World.
    Join DLR Group education professionals for a free webinar where we will explore three main topics that arose from DLR Group’s, "Rethinking Education research." We heard from more than 150 school district leaders, teachers, parents, and students who say:
    1. Virtual learning, in some form, is here to stay;
    2. Learners want to be back on campus;
    3. Schools need to balance collaboration and inquiry with perceived limitations of remote instruction.

During this webinar:

    • Raechel French will explore how the role of the educator can shift to allow equitable ownership of learning.
    • Marilyn Denison and Dr. Emily Froese, who together have more than 45 years of experience in public schools, will examine Inquiry-Based Learning in a hybrid world.
    • Taryn Kinney will explore the value of authentic relationships to social-emotional learning.

This webinar is a preview to an in-depth virtual professional development workshop series that immerses participants in the process of inquiry-based learning, "Learning Through Inquiry."

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