DLR Group Senior Principal Prem Sundharam, AIA, WELL AP.

  • Who: Prem Sundharam, senior principal, DLR Group;
  • What: The Future of Drinking Water and Biological Waste Management.
    Will we have invested the 1.7 trillion dollars in our existing infrastructure in order to continue business as usual utility-provided potable water and sewage treatment? Or, will we each have our own on-site systems that treat water from any condition to potable standards, and treat our feces and urine into usable nutrients for the agriculture industry? Or, will it be a complex web of both systems working in tandem? We’ll discuss the philosophy of permaculture, interplay between non-potable irrigation and urban heat island effect, and a new paradigm for the water-energy nexus. The audience will be engaged in an immersive game. Game’s objective is to develop the most practical and cost-effective net-positive water scenario for a hypothetical campus with various water end uses.​
  • Where: NZ20
    Virtual Conference
  • When: Tuesday, September 15 from 1:00 PM to 1:45 PM PDT
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