Cochlear in Denver by DLR Group. Photo by Ed LaCasse.

  • Who: Jeremy Reding, global workplace leader, DLR Group; Duffy De Armas, partner, House of Sorcery; Whitney Pearce, associate, Miller Hull; Vicki Ha, senior store designer, Amazon.
  • What: The Future of Workplace Design.
    Join our panel for a discussion of how the workplace has changed as a result of COVID and what that means for design.  More than ever before, architects are being asked to design for occupant health with extended concepts of sustainability. We’ll look at how these strategies are affecting cost of construction, owners’ pro forma analysis, and space utilization and growth projections. We’ll also look at how workplaces themselves are changing, with less focus on a central workspace and a greater emphasis on flexible spaces and working remotely.
  • Where: Online Panel Discussion
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  • When: Friday, January 15 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM PST
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